Welcome to the Jungle

Uncategorized May 08, 2019

Axl Rose and Guns 'N Roses called it, "The Jungle."  German rocker Krause Maine and the Scorpions referred to it as, "The Zoo."  There are various names for the streets that we roam throughout our careers as police officers, but one thing is certain... it's a front row seat to the "Greatest Show on Earth."

Unless you've rolled through the dark streets, highways, and county roads during the witching hour, you can't truly understand it. What we see and experience in our career is hard to describe to anyone outside of law enforcement. We dwell daily in the underbelly of society, answering calls and responding to what is often the worst moment in someone's life. But we volunteered to do it and answered the call because we truly believe in justice, integrity, and service. It's not just a job for most of us, it's our ministry and calling. We love it, breathe it, thrive in it, train relentlessly for it.  But how do we survive 25-30 years, day in and day out, rolling around...

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