Post Critical  Incident Seminar 

Warrior’s Rest Foundation provides intervention, education, counseling, and peer support in a structured, intensive, three-day seminar environment called Post Critical Incident Seminar (PCIS) for First Responders who have experienced significant critical incidents and these events disrupt their lives.

This Seminar is provided to First Responders (both Current and Retired) at NO COST other than travel expenses. 


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What is a Post Critical Incident Seminar? 

A Post Critical Incident Seminar, or PCIS, is a 3-day workshop for First Responders who have experienced significant critical incidents and have had these events disrupt their lives.  This Seminar is a tried and tested resource for you and your family!

Who Can Attend? 

If you are a First Responder who has been significantly impacted by a critical incident or several critical incidents, then you are a candidate for this program.  PCIS’s are also for the Spouses & Significant Others who support our brave heroes at home.  Participating in the PCIS together is a vital part of the growth and recovery journey for the attendees of the PCIS.  The spouse has their own experience of trauma which is called vicarious trauma. 

What does it Cost?

The entire 3-day event is FREE!  Your confidentiality is important so we offer this as a FREE service for you.    We will gladly accept donations for expenses but we make this a "NO COST" event (with Lodging and Meals Included) to First Responders in order to maintain Confidentiality to your agency.  Your travel expenses to/from the PCIS location will be your only costs.

Where is it Located? 

The seminar will be held at St. Crispin's Conference Center in Wewoka, OK.  Upon Registration, you will be provided details on location and lodging.  

What do I Bring & What do I Wear?

You just need to bring clothing and toiletries like you are preparing for a hotel get away weekend.  Bedding is provided just like a hotel room would be.   Recommended clothing for the PCIS is professional but casual & comfortable.   There are hiking trails so you may wish to bring walking gear to get away and relax with nature.  You may want to bring a notebook to take notes as there will be a strong educational component to the seminar and you will be given handouts during the seminar.  

What is the History of PCIS?

Peer Support is an important element of the PCIS. Discussion of critical incidents with fellow officers, firefighters, dispatchers, or emergency medical services who have "been there" promotes normalization and recovery. This seminar format originated with the FBI in 1983 and has been a continued asset to our Country’s heroes ever since. At the PCIS, Counselors experienced in working with First Responders and Peer Support staff who have been or are still First Responders provide a safe place for the First Responder to unpack his or her trauma by using proven trauma recovery methods and coping strategies that promote recovery and resilience.

How does a PCIS Work? 

The PCIS is three (3) days of interaction and discussion of the First Responder’s traumatic journey.  Connection with other First Responders who have or are currently navigating a path after their own critical incident is a vital part of the PCIS. You will be working with some of the best trained Mental Health Professionals and skilled Peer Support people in the First Responder industry.  We are enormously proud of the team of people that assemble to help you through the PCIS. 

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