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Warrior's Rest Foundation provides services to law enforcement personnel focused on three main areas.  

Peer Support Teams

Photo credit: Constable Chaos blog.

Photo credit: Constable Chaos blog.

We offer onsite training and mentoring to form Peer Support Teams with departments, incorporating front-line personnel and management ranks, for maximum engagement and effectiveness.  Our training delivers the framework for peer teams to create and execute on plans to help their personnel and departments build resilience. Our goal it to give them the resources they need to cope with the ripple effects of responding to criticial incidents and daily stress. The level of support is ongoing as needed by each team.  

Peer Support Team training covers the following important topics:

  • Team Formation, Planning, Meetings

  • Command Level Training

  • Critical Incident Stress Debriefings

  • Individual Response to Critical Incidents

  • Line of Duty Death Response

  • Suicide Awareness

  • Self Care

Individual and Family Comprehensive Wellness Training

The goal of this training is for law enforcement personnel and their family members to recognize and manage the ongoing stresses of living as or with a law enforcement member. We connect law enforcement personnel with actionable information and resources to aid understanding of how they, their partners and their families can achieve whole wellness. 

Logistical and Emotional Support in Response to Critical Incidents

Photo credit: Oklahoma Highway Patrol

Photo credit: Oklahoma Highway Patrol

We provide resources to help law enforcement departments, personnel and their families in the aftermath of critical incidents such as a line-of-duty death, high profile criminal investigation, natural disaster, and civil unrest. It helps to have someone who has law enforcement experience and is somewhat removed from the current situation to help you recognize the effects and think through the best ways to cope with them for the continued health of the law enforcement team, families and the community.  

Specialized counselors & Clinicians

We want to honor the professionals who specialize in providing mental health services to the law enforcement community. As part of our team, Kathy H. Thomas, PhD, Licensed Psychologist, is working to recruit and grow a national network of specialized mental health professionals to work with law enforcement personnel, as needed.

Contact us to talk about how we can tailor our services to meet your needs. If you need immediate logistical or emotional support in response to a critical incident, please call Brett Key at this number: 405-509-4036.