We appreciate your contribution!

Warrior’s Rest Foundation is a nonprofit organization serving the law enforcement community and their families. Tax-deductible gifts to our organization are accepted and acknowledged through our fiscal sponsorship fund at Communities Foundation of Oklahoma. Your gift can be on a one-time or recurring basis. 

Here are some suggested levels of giving and how those gifts will be targeted:  

Peer Support/Crisis Intervention Teams

We conduct intensive multi-day trainings led by three-person teams of peer team veterans and, when appropriate, a mental health professional. We seek to train at least 20 team members in each community, so the team stays strong regardless of attrition. Trainings range from two to five days; and all include teaching crisis intervention techniques, establishing team logistics/procedures, and conducting command-level training.  Longer or secondary trainings include discussion of Emotional Survival for Law Enforcement, considered the seminal book in this field, and training in how to identify and address warning signs of suicide, which kills three times more officers each year than felonious line of duty deaths.  Post training, Warrior’s Rest Foundation team members remain available as mentors, either by phone and email or, in times of crisis, in person. 

Training Sponsor

A gift of $10,000* will cover the average costs of a two-day training. 

A gift of $18,000* will cover the average cost of a five-day training. 

*This includes training materials, instructor salaries, travel, accommodations, and costs associated with arranging the sessions.

Book Sponsor

The three books used in these trainings cost $20 each: 1) the Critical Incident Stress Management group book, 2) the Critical Incident Stress Management individual book, and 3) Emotional Survival for Law Enforcement. 

A gift of $400 covers the cost of one book for all 20 trainees.

A gift of $1,200 covers the cost of a complete set of training books for all 20 trainees.

Mentorship Sponsor

A gift of $500 covers a full day of personnel costs and helps the Warrior’s Rest Foundation provide continuing mentorship to the growing number of peer support/crisis intervention teams throughout Oklahoma and the nation.

As the number of peer teams grow, Warrior’s Rest Foundation is increasingly responding to needs for programs in marriage enrichment, raising healthy children, financial wellness, stress management, nutrition, physical fitness, emotional survival, combating addiction, and preventing suicide. Our team members can conduct these trainings/seminars or identify other resources. 

Whole Wellness Training


A gift of $1,500 covers the average cost for one Warrior's Rest Foundation team member to present life-saving information at one of the major, annual national law enforcement conferences, such as the C.O.P.S. National Conference on Law Enforcement Wellness and Trauma.

A gift of $5,000 covers average costs to bring a full team to share information and training at one of these important gatherings for law enforcement personnel.


Gifts of $1,000 to $10,000

The cost of these programs will vary widely depending on the topic, scope, and travel involved.  For example, a seminar on healthful eating can be arranged for $1,000, while a weekend marriage enrichment retreat for law enforcement personnel and their spouses will cost closer to $10,000.


When these tragic deaths occur in Oklahoma, Warrior’s Rest Foundation team members are the primary responders and four to six of our peer team leaders and mental health professionals are deployed to assist with funeral arrangements and provide critical stress management support to family members and agency personnel.  For LODDs that occur elsewhere in the nation, Warrior’s Rest Foundation will more typically be asked to send one team member as an advisor. In both cases, we must respond immediately, and stay as long as critically needed, typically seven to 14 days.


A gift of $25,000 covers a seven-day initial response and second seven-day response one week later to assist families and agencies reeling from a LODD in an Oklahoma community. It includes salaries, travel and accommodations for an average of five Warrior's Rest Foundation or contract peer team members and mental health counselors. This is particularly important in Oklahoma’s smaller cities and towns, where resources are the most limited.  


For a gift of $6,000 you can send one team member for at least seven days to advise and support LODD responses in other states. We value our partnership with organizations like Concerns of Police Survivors (C.O.P.S.) who request our team members for such critical response support.  


As part of National Police Week held each May in Washington D.C., the C.O.P.S. organization sponsors the National Police Survivors' Conference for the spouses, children, parents, siblings, significant others, and affected co-workers of officers killed in the line of duty. Warrior’s Rest Foundation team members play a vital role in conference activities to help LODD survivors in their journey of healing. Our goal is to send four team members to National Police Week each year.

A gift of $2,000 sends one attendee from the Warrior's Rest Foundation team to provide training and counseling support.

A gift of $8,000 will cover the cost of a full four-member Warrior’s Rest Foundation team to provide training and counseling support.