We love the opportunity to present, teach, train, mentor and inspire the First Responder community to a healthier lifestyle


We focus on the physical, mental, relational, spiritual, financial, and emotional health of First Responders.  We know these categories of wellness vitally impact their overall job performance!  Keeping them healthy provides safety, quality care and protection of our communities.


Warrior’s Rest was developed on the premise that we would seek out, train and continuously mentor peer support teams for agencies across the United States to help First Responders stay healthy.   Our mission is:  Working together to build resiliency with First Responders, their partners, and their families to foster healthy professional and personal lives.


Healthy First Responders make a safer community.  By promoting First Responder health, the community wins in the arena of top care and protection from their heroes.  Our team teaches and trains others to present wellness strategies and trainings that will help our First Responders to begin having conversations about difficult topics such as suicide, substance abuse, and relationships, as well as fitness, nutrition, finances, and their spiritual life.  Depression and suicide rates are up nation-wide.  First Responders are especially at high risk due to stressors in this current era of COVID and cultural turmoil.  Training on recognizing risk factors and providing intervention strategies for suicide can help First Responders and provides proactive assistance for others in the community.


"My employees are my #1 asset, my #1 investment and I am not throwing them away simply because they have some issues!"  

Oklahoma Sheriff            

Peer Team Builds

"The instructors at Warrior’s Rest are not only extremely knowledgeable and experienced, but their kindness and genuine care for everyone they work with is undeniable."

Peer Team Build Student South Dakota

Presentations on Wellness

"Thank you for sewing into my life.  You are wonderful, and never grow weary in doing good!  Thanks for making me a better advocate, provider, mother, wife and friend."

Victim Services Coordinator in Texas

Peer Support

"....First Responders need to have a safe, comfortable spot to go and talk with someone that understands them!"

Widow of Officer Killed in the Line of Duty

Building Peer Support Teams

The Warrior’s Rest mission to train and mentor peer support uses Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) Individual and Group trainings along with stress management, self-care and how-to training on the full function of a peer support team.  The CISM training is performed with the instructor credentialing from the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation (ICISF).  The mentoring of the peer team(s) comes from the vast experience of peer team successes and failures that helped produce a list of points of failure that we use to mentor peer support teams to be successful. 

We have teamed up with a fantastic group of subject matter experts to help bring resiliency training programs for the peer support team to teach within its respective agency.  

Presentations and Training in the areas of wellness

Members of the Warrior's Rest team are passionate about inspiring others to live a healthier lifestyle.  Speaking to small or large groups, the team continues to motivate others in the areas of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, financial and relational wellness.  These trainings are tailored to the agencies requests and include difficult topics of suicide, substance abuse and line of duty death.  

Response:  Peer Support, Counseling & Chaplain Services 

The Warrior's Rest team offers agencies the opportunity to provide intervention, education, counseling, and peer support in a structured process by responding via Critical incident Stress Management techniques, mentoring, guidance and advisory communication to agencies that  ask for the assistance. 

We have dozens of highly experienced peer support officers & firefighters that work tirelessly to ensure we support agencies in need with the expertise required to assist them in the most difficult of situations.